Thursday, September 6th, 2007...6:18 pm

Well put: Behind the garment industry

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From Sarah Rich on

“The larger the garment industry has become, the more apparel companies have operated opaque businesses and employed questionable (if not abominable) practices in order to keep up with the goliath scale of manufacturing. At this point, most consumers have at least partial awareness of the perilous conditions of sweatshops, but the majority of clothes still come from behind a veil; and because consumers know how limited our choices are for goods with a transparent backstory, we don’t always choose to try to see what’s behind that closed source.

“We all know that a dollar paid is a vote cast for the kind of world we want. So if we have more choices about where to direct our dollars, we’ll have greater incentive and ability to voice our desires through our purchases.” 

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