Tuesday, February 12th, 2008...9:44 am

And Nau for our spring line

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If I were a betting person, I’d bet you’ll LOVE this dress/jacket in Nau’s spring line.

Haven’t yet read all about Nau? By all means, please do. They’re a world leader in conscientious clothing production, from labor practices to materials innovation to digitally-driven stores and beyond. In the particular description for this dress/jacket, its suggested uses range from off-road biking in the rain to going out for drinks. Which is entirely by design. In addition to their garments being extremely durable and long-lasting, their design aesthetic is self-described as “vague and inconclusive” so that each piece may be used in a maximum number of settings. What it all means? That the $198 for this dress is a hell of a deal.

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