Saturday, April 12th, 2008...11:47 pm

A little bird told me about Mon Petit Oiseau

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I sat down today to create a “Get this look” entry — to snag a sweet runway or on-the-street outfit and find some socially-friendly pieces to recreate it, but then I flipped through the Mon Petit Oiseau spring collection, and my work was done. No need to search out anyone else’s styling — these looks are gorgeous. (Who is this model and, more importantly, who cuts her hair? Seriously, call me.)


Designer Tracy Wilkinson, who lives in LA but hails from the UK, worked for companies like Banana and J.Crew for almost 20 years before starting her own house. Working with overseas factories for that long turned her off to the corporate process, so her own pieces are made in California, and many in the spring line are made of organic cotton.

UPDATE: How did I forget to tell you where to buy these sweet wares? Check out online shopping at Goldyn and Tobi, and bricks-and-morter stores on the site’s Stores listing page.

Via the ever-useful Eco Chick.

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