Friday, May 30th, 2008...12:53 pm

Go ahead, make my Larsen Gray

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Straight from the annals of Project Runway and familial environmentalism, I just came across the young eco-friendly clothing line Larsen Gray and its co-designers, Nora Caliguri and Rachelyn Porter. just published an interview with the duo, whose styles are available online at ShopBop, Standard Style and Basic Boutique. From the latter, I couldn’t resist showing off this dress — possibly the sweetest casual dress design ever. At $260, I’ll have to save up for a bit (or ask my friend Rachel to recreate it for me?), but it’s just so beautiful and unique and lovely. The entire line is enticingly quirky, with fantastic statement pieces that’ll do a closet good.


Lastly, I couldn’t resist a moment of Zen, excerpted from the Sprig interview:

“Nora, how did you hear about Project Runway and why did you decide to sign up?”
“I couldn’t find a job after graduation and had no summer plans.”


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