Sunday, June 22nd, 2008...8:11 pm

Michelle Obama on the style trail

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It’s not just Barry — Michelle Obama is looking HOT these days! Thanks to an entry from Kim at for taking note of the first lady’s increasingly designer closet (making yet another likeness between Barack and JFK). But don’t expect Michelle to give up affordable wares; the $99 White House Black Market dress she wore on The View this week sold out everywhere immediately following. Without more info, I can’t write about the social responsibility (or lack thereof) of WHBM; the point of this post is this: Michelle, in all your intelligence and class, remember that your wardrobe can make not only a fashion statement but a political statement as well. Pound it!

Photo from Ebony magazine.

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  • yep, she’s beautiful. looks great every time I see her.

    I wonder how tall she is…looks so tall compared to all the view ladies…

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