Thursday, July 17th, 2008...9:57 am

Leanimal on Project Runway Season 5

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Leanne Marshall, one of our favorite Portland designers, is trying her skills on Project Runway this season! In her handmade line, Leanimal, she has increasingly used hemp, bamboo and organic cotton materials. We’ll see whether her eco-friendly influence shines through — which may depend more on this season’s featured fabric shop than on her. Here’s hoping: As part of the show’s prize package, the Saturn car this year is a hybrid!

The above dress is available at the Leanimal Etsy shop for $620.

UPDATE: Sho nuff, Challenge No. 2 was to make a cocktail dress out of sustainable fabric!

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  • I got so excited when I saw her on the show last night! I remembered her from your blog. They even flashed a picture of the cute jumper you wanted. Go Leanne!

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