Monday, January 5th, 2009...11:49 pm

Nous Aimerons Market Publique!

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Oh yes, friends, a fabulous new online marketplace for buying and selling vintage wares is coming this March. Meet Market Publique, which will bring together vintage buyers and sellers and foster an online community designed specifically for vintage love.


Founders Pamela, Jon and Andrew sound really cool, and I really want to meet them. Their bios are eerily familiar to my own… husband-developer-named-Jon and wife-fashion-blogger work together on a team to create a social online marketplace web app. (Only ours is called Storenvy, it’s an online store system where anyone can sell anything, and my role isn’t as big or as glamorous as Pamela’s. She does vintage buying and styles photo shoots… be still my heart.)

Pamela keeps up a lovely blog for the site, which you should be sure to check out…


…for charming gems like this. “Picture of me (Pamela) applying lipgloss in front of a mirror we found on the street, conveniently located on the way to the party.”

Via Outsapop!

(P.S. Despite this headline attempt, my college-learned French has always been terrible. But I’ve been scouring Craigslist for Rosetta Stone French 1 & 2 — Paris, here we come!… Someday!)

(P.P.S. The headline means “We Will Love Market Publique!” I think. If you were still wondering.)


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