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Wednesday, January 28th, 2009...2:49 am

Handmade Holiday: Finally, the Debriefing

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If today had been Christmas, it would have been a beautiful one. The kind Bing has been dreaming of. Snow fell all day! I didn’t have to go anywhere, so I just watched it through the window. With Bon Iver in headphones. (Not to drown out other noises, but because this stuff was made for headphones.) Perfect.

Christmas was on the mind because… I decided it was finally time to follow through on that promise to share my Handmade Holiday creations. I know, you’re SO OVER Christmas. I am too — which was the point. I needed some time to get over my make-as-many-things-as-possible December. It was a weird month for me. Next year (this year?), I’ll focus on PERFECT gifts, not necessarily “I made this myself” gifts.

Though I am pretty freaking proud of these little masterpieces.

More pics, especially of the letterpress calendar pages, in this Flickr set.

Happy Christmas, friends!

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