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Suno: New Label Brings Industry to Kenya

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The story of Suno is the kind that makes me so happy. Designer Max Osterweis, whose “real” day job is as a screenwriter and film director in San Francisco, has been collecting traditional East African textiles for more than a decade.

With the objective of bringing work to local factories in the struggling Nairobi, Kenya, he commissioned about a thousand pieces to factories that specialize in hotel uniforms.

“Ultimately I’d like to have a full collection, if we can give people jobs and raise the skill level there,” Osterweis says.

Suno is available at Opening Ceremony, though unfortunately not in the shop’s new online store. They range from about $100 to $600, determined in part by the rarity of the print.

Via NYTimes Fashion & Style, with more info there and at The Pipeline.


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