Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009...3:10 pm

Shoe Week, Day 3: Manimal

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Manimal Ribcage Flat and Double Fringe Bootie, $180-$200.

I was introduced to this brand through the most excellent earrings I’ve ever owned, and its hallmark moccasin designs are no disappointment whatsoever. I love the double-fringe high top and am excited about the new two-tone option (bottom right in the image). Each piece is handmade by a team of “no more than three craftspeople,” and reuse of scraps is a part of their design process (per the earrings and necklaces). The site’s old About page was one of my favorites ever — of its former Massachusetts location, it read, “All pieces are hand-made in a small third floor apartment
 where the eaves fall into the walls.”

Also available at Beklina.


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