Saturday, June 6th, 2009...12:43 pm

Shweek, Day 6: Terra Plana

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Yep, it’s the weekend, so “Shoe Week” just became a portmanteau. (Why didn’t I think of this earlier?!)


Terra Plana Dida, $195, and Herb, $140.

Terra Plana has a wonderful history of crafting some of the most holistically conscientious shoes around. (Some, in fact, so based in theory that style is left entirely by the wayside…) I’m a happy owner of the Grass, the predecessor of the Herb, and am a huge fan of its lightweightedness, breathability, durability and flattering style. My only complaint about the shoe is that it doesn’t wear well with jeans, as it slips off the heel with every step — which this removable ankle strap remedies beautifully. This colorway of the Dida, Multi Quilt, is made from recycled Pakistani quilts, so each is completely unique (and completely awesome). All Terra Plana shoes are made according to the high standards of the brand’s Eco Matrix.

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