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FLP Getups: A New Pair Every Day

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Top by Stewart+Brown: Picnic Blouse
100% Organic Tissue Cotton Woven
Ethically made in the U.S.

Shorts by Stewart+Brown: Hemp Silk Village Short
60% Hemp, 40% Silk
Ethically made in the U.S.

Shoes by Mohop: High Walnut Platform Sandal
The “infinity sandal” — ribbons can be laced through rubber loops in a zillion ways
Available low, medium or high; maple, cherry or walnut; pointy (Maryam), square (Susanna) or round (Leila)
Each pair comes with five sets of ribbons of your choosing
Wood from sustainably managed forests in the U.S.; soling made of natural rubber and rice husks; padded footbed made of nylon faux leather and screenprinted by hand
Handmade by Ann Mohaupt in Chicago
$148 (delivery is at about 6-8 weeks right now)

Mohop order detail:



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