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FLP Getups: Inspired by Zooey in “500 Days of Summer”

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Dress by Bibico: Bib Dress
Made of jersey
Ethically made by women in India and Nepal, as certified by the International Association of Fairtrade
£34 £24 (ships from the UK)

Necklace by Alkemie Jewelry: Froggy Necklace
Made of reclaimed-metal
Made in the U.S.
33″ long with a ring-and-toggle clasp

Vintage oxfords sold by The Spectrum on Market Publique
Size 7.5
$15 “Buy now” price; auction ends August 9

Cardigan by Stewart+Brown: Lace Yoke Cardigan
100% Mongolian cashmere
Hand knit in Mongolia

Hair ribbons from Near Sea Naturals
100% Organic cotton
Dyed using eco-friendly dying processes
Made in the U.S.


If you haven’t already seen this movie, you should go. There’s a “playing house” scene at Ikea, a choreographed musical scene with strangers in a park, a disgustingly realistic relationship and, clearly, Zooey Deschanel’s gorgeous retro style.

Hollywood Crush talked with costume designer Hope Hanafin about it… she said that Zooey wore the color blue in every scene to bring out her eyes and to set her apart from everyone else in the film — no one else wears it. It attracts our eyes as viewers and symbolically reflects Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s love for her. Pretty cool.

Much of her wardrobe is vintage, with a mix of new — and affordable! — stuff. Hope said, “Though I have great respect for these romantic comedies where secretaries are wearing Prada, I wanted ['500 Days'] to be kind of the anti-’Sex and the City.’ So, Zooey’s wearing clothes that her character really could afford, things are also repeated. Her clothes are a mix of things from [places like] Old Navy, GAP, BCBG and then there’s a lot of vintage.” Gotta seriously appreciate that. (Sorry about throwing a few pricey items into the outfit… we typically can’t afford them either, but they’re fun to look at.)

Also — check out this amazing music video Zooey and Joe made on the side! For “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?” by She & Him.


(I’d embed it, but that version plays an un-pause-able ad every time you load the page. Ugh.)

Movie stills from Fox Searchlight

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  • I love the blue thing. I didn’t catch that. I guess I was too busy admiring how awesome she looked in every scene!

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