Friday, August 14th, 2009...10:50 am

Stellar Boutique

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80s Peep Toe Shoes
, $50.23

If you’re crazy about vintage pieces and one-offs (and you don’t mind waiting for things to ship from the Spain), I have a new site for you. Stella McClure just launched Stellar Boutique, an awesome collection of handpicked vintage items and many unique creations from up-and-coming designers.

Candy Stripe Dress
, $92.09
Hand sewn by Italian designer Lia Lee from deconstructed vintage clothing

Stella spent three years doing the same thing at Portobello market in London, but now she’s made all the world her stage with her gorgeous new web store (serving the US Dollar, Pound and the Euro). Her vintage pieces are pricier than some, but when it comes to well-curated selections, I can be forgiving of that.


80s Zipper Jacket, $66.98

Home wares and Menswear are coming soon!


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