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Save the Manimals, Buy a Necklace

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After losing one of my old suede Manimal earrings a few months ago, I ordered a new pair this month. (Visiting the site was what inspired my “thank you” post a few weeks ago.) I placed my order for the $20 earrings and exchanged a few emails with super-sweet designer Kristen Lombardi, and when I received them, there was an amazing surprise inside! In the great nerdy tradition of “unboxing,” here was mine…


When I got my first pair at Pivot, they came in this same hand-spray-painted box, but with a small feather thrown in for good measure.


This time was even better.


The surprise necklace!


This new pair of earrings is a bit lighter than my first, but the more neutral shade is perfect for this fall.

So here’s the best part. Only now that I have the necklace do I realize how versatile it really is. I’d blogged it, but I don’t think I would have bought it. Now, I’ve worn it about five times since receiving it! (That’s pretty much every day since then.) I really love it, and I think you would, too.


It also arrived several days before my birthday, which was Monday, which made it feel extra-extra special. Thank you, Kristen! xxx

Two last notes: First, my order came with a $12 shipping fee that seemed accidentally high… though I didn’t mind paying extra to a brand like this. FYI. Second, the title of this post refers to nothing more than Manimal’s domain name:, which is so adorable.

Top pics by me and bottom pic by the lovely Sara


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