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How Nike will legitimize eco-design for the masses (and eco brands won’t)

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I’ve written in the past about Nike’s Considered Design initiative, which I think is one of the most brilliant out there. This weekend, the brand introduced its newest Considered Design collection, N7, which benefits Native American youth sports. Read more about the shoes’ particulars at and Reuters.


If you haven’t heard about Nike’s green design movement, I’m not surprised. The company has intentionally not promoted it significantly. As I wrote before, Nike product designer Jane Savage said that Nike wasn’t promoting the Considered message more because “the average sneakerhead isn’t ready for that message yet.”

The fact that the company is taking significant strides toward cradle-to-cradle product design and not even promoting it as a selling point of the shoes is absolutely incredible. Nike will gain credibility for green design where some eco brands will never dream — because Nike is still putting performance first, and when satisfied Nike-wearing athletes eventually do learn about the their shoes’ green-cred, sustainable design as a whole will WIN.

Read more about Nike Considered’s internal design standards here, from my February 2008 article.

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