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Early Jewelry: Perfect for Christmas and beyond

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Several weeks ago I was re-introduced to Lawrence-native Early Jewelry. Designed by Kylie Grater and handmade from start to finish by her and her team, the shapes and material choices make perfect sense — and yet everything about them are a perfect surprise every time you look at them.

The line’s metals are all recycled, sourced from Rio Grande in New Mexico, which recycles more metals than it uses — from photographic waste, computer and electronic parts, dental material, silverware and more. One-offs in the Early line re-use vintage jewelry pieces, and many of its most notable designs use naturally renewable wood, antler, feathers, horse hair and leather.


Antler tip earrings, $56


Horseshoe Necklace, $70


Deco Wood Earrings, $50


Bit Necklace, $70


Engraved Leaf Earrings, $48


Hanging Bone Earrings, $60

At Bon Bon Atelier’s Ric Rac Roundup in November, I couldn’t resist getting the large version of the gold horseshoe necklace (which I wear constantly now), and my friend Jaclyn went for the Bit Necklace and the Hanging Bone Earrings. Beautiful stuff!

If you’re in the region, Kylie sells her jewelry from her Lawrence studio Monday through Saturday, many Kansas City First Fridays, and she attends art shows throughout the country (where she often sells everything at wholesale prices!). On December 13 and 20, she’ll be at the two Ladies of Lawrence shows, which feature the handiwork of Lawrence women. Sign up for email updates at

Still looking for the perfect gift for one of your favorite girls? Found it! :)


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