Friday, January 8th, 2010...2:51 pm

What a happy holiday: Terra Plana, pleather and recycled bangle bracelets

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I had such a nice Christmas this year. It was a whirlwind of Midwest roadtripping (to Colorado, then to Oklahoma), but we were fortunate to avoid any snow-sasters, such as is covering Kansas City right now. There’s a foot of snow on the ground, and today’s high is FOUR! And the city can’t handle all the snowplowing, and our car is somewhat buried in our basement garage. Ah, c’est la vie. (And at least I don’t have anywhere to be.)

After not shopping much last year, I made up a very specific Christmas list — and Santa was very generous!

I got those gorgeous vegetable-tanned leather Terra Plana heels (a 21 on the Eco Matrix),


this pleather jacket from a local boutique (because I wanted both heels and a leather jacket, I decided to balance them out by asking for one made of real leather and one that was synthetic; read more about the impacts of leather here),


and some sweet girly things! New perfumes, gold studs, neon orange nail polish and red lipstick, and those two bangle bracelets in the middle are made from fiberglass left over from a prosthetics manufacturing facility in Oklahoma City! I love them. (Thank you Christiane!)

And maybe best of all, Jon and I decided to get each other a digital SLR, which we can thank for making my pictures here slightly better than usual. (But I still need to learn about all the settings! Like, how can I get an indoor picture without flash to not turn out garishly yellow? These are all Photoshopped, and they’re still not right.)

I hope all your Christmas dreams came true, too!


  • I.


    those shoes.


  • I know, aren’t they perfect? That’s what I love so much about Terra Plana — they combine great manufacturing and materials use with styles that are up-to-date yet classic. Also, I’ve seen them reduced on from time to time, and they run some good sales via their email newsletter. (Like 30% off after Thanksgiving!) Thanks Sara. :)

  • I got a “Lightscoop” for Nate for Christmas to help with our flash issues. Here is the link:

  • Jen — that is fantastic! (And a tiny fraction of the price of an external flash.) Thank you!

  • great pressies!!! i struggle with the same thing with my dslr… i’ve borrowed a friends flash before, though, and it makes a HUGE difference!!!

  • I ADORE Terra Plana shoes. I have 4 pairs of those heels… in black, blue, aqua and red. I get compliments on them all the time and I have literally broken into a sprint on a number of running-late-occasions in those fabulous things!

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