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I just learned via Facebook that my friend Natasha was in Haiti when the earthquake hit. Hearing about the country’s heart-wrenching news has been sickeningly sad, but it wasn’t until I heard about Tasha being there that it really felt heavy. Thankfully, I hear she is fine. But I am humbled.

Jon and I donated today to the Red Cross, and I hope all of you will consider helping in some way as well.

  • Grechen at GreenGrechen posted about green boutique PhilanthroFashion, which is donating 100 percent of its profits to Help for Haiti between now and Friday. (Some great discounted designers there, too, like Mociun and Emily Katz!)

We have been especially touched by photos from The Big Picture: Earthquake in Haiti. Take a look.

Photo via Natasha’s blog,


  • Thanks friend. This is great. My heart is so heavy for the millions directly affected by this disaster. I’m so glad Tasha and Amanda are there, and safe, as their hearts are such a part of Haiti that I can imagine there is no where they’d rather be right now.


  • Update: Though Natasha’s parents know that she and her sister made it through the quake, they have no way of communicating with her. Her dad was interviewed on Good Morning America today, which you can watch here, at about 2:10: Her dad has updated us on Facebook since then that the show’s producer sent a team to look for them, so that they can at least make contact with their parents.

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