Thursday, February 4th, 2010...10:10 am

Patterns + Looms

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I think I’ve answered my own question


as to why so many cultures around the world


have their own different-yet-similar geometric patterns.


The similarity among patterns would come from all cultures having the same design challenge: There’s only so much you can do with line patterns, as in weaving or with a knitting pattern. Right? Have I broken my own case? ;)


I can’t get enough of the updated versions of these patterns, either…


Mociun Day Coat, Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony Wool Zip Vest and Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Oversized Navajo Sweater. And it’s here for spring, too — I just spotted these brand new flats at Habitat, also by Cynthia Vincent! Good stuff.


Turkish kilim pillow cover via eBay, Bauhaus rugs via Wikstenmade and Native American weaving via Rockwell Museum of Western Art. Loom image via Hayden Loom.

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