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An alternative to washing your jeans — freeze them

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To keep my dark jeans looking new, I wait as long as possible between washes, as machine washing seems to inevitably bring out new signs of wear. But Brazilian denim brand TriStar is starting an alternative denim washing movement — just throw your jeans in the freezer!

“After use, just put them inside a plastic or cloth bag and leave them in the freezer for 24 hours to kill the bacteria,” TriStar CEO Jandira Barone tells Jornal A Tribuna. Not only with this decrease machine-washing wear-and-tear, it will save water.

But if you’re planning to try this on your own, be warned: The article notes that the cooling of the denim actually sets any stains in. The brand considers this a benefit — “Don’t consumers buy pants frayed, ripped, and stained? The concept is the same, only it will be a detail produced by the user” — but if you’re not going for that worn-in look, you might steer clear.

Read more info about TriStar’s holistic thinking about sustainable denim at Ecouterre or Treehugger.

Image from TriStar


  • I’m all for eco-friendly, but never actually washing your pants? EWWW that’s just pseudogreen marketing. Better to instill efficient irrigation practices in the organic farms that supply the cotton for the jeans, and to keep the entire production – growth, manufacture and distribution – on as local a level as possible. Instead of using resources shipping goods around the world, create co-op manufacturing plants where several companies can manufacture a variety of goods in small batches for local consumption.

  • Of course the practices you mentioned are ideal — I’m sure we can all agree on that. For the dark denim I already own, I am looking forward to trying out a new way of “cleaning” them, perhaps as an alternative to every-other washing. It will only improve the impact of my garment care — especially that they will stay new-looking for longer.

    I’m confident that TriStar’s “freeze your jeans” message isn’t greenwashing (which I think you suggested), because everything I’ve read about the brand describes a very holistic approach, including that the jeans are reversible.

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