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Warby Parker eyeglasses

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Would you believe that each of these pairs of glasses are only $95?

Yes, with prescription lenses included! Warby Parker is seriously shaking up the world of awesome eyewear with a business model that benefits pretty much everyone. They sell directly to consumers, avoiding the markups and middlemen of a wholesale model, which allows them to offer the most affordable glasses I can even imagine. I’m a contacts wearer and have been wanting a pair of “accessory” glasses to wear when the mood strikes, but I haven’t been able to justify the multi-hundred-dollar purchase that I knew it would be. Now, I’m deciding between these three pairs. The brand lets you borrow several pairs to try at home!

To me, these are a great purchase on account of their durability (made out of a custom cellulose acetate that is stronger than plastic), price point, donation benefit (for each pair bought, a pair is donated through a partner nonprofit) and support of a small and fantastic company that deserves to succeed. Men’s styles also available. Read more here.

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