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Eco-friendly fabric focus at UT’s High Voltage fashion show

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Though I wasn’t able to be at Thursday night’s High Voltage student fashion show in person, I was able to watch it via Fashionably Austin’s webcast. The designs and overall show production looked extremely impressive, and I read in advance that the 32 students’ 128 looks would place an emphasis on “eco-friendly fabric and technology-smart garments.”

In the videos I’ve watched I haven’t heard much about the eco qualities of the garments, but it’s exciting to hear that fashion education programs really are grooming designers to consider the impact that their decisions will have on people and the environment, and I hope to learn more about those local programs soon.

On the topic of socially responsible fashion education, I can’t help but mention my friends at Social Alterations, who work really hard to provide open-source curricula for fashion design students and educators. Even as a consumer, anytime you’re looking for in-depth information about eco-friendly textiles or labor issues or more, be sure to check what has to say.


Images by Rachel, via Diya. (View more here.) At top: Any handmade suiting amazes me! At bottom: Student designer Liz Wong designed the dress on the right, featuring a textile she designed and had printed on an organic cotton knit.

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