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My favorite shoes

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I’d like to introduce you to my favorite pair of shoes:


I’m in Omaha right now, where the temperatures are in the 60s (rather than the 90s in Austin), so I got to pull out my favorite boots again. Their only draw-back is that they’re not good summer shoes!

I got these in the fall of 2007,¬†about a month after I started this blog, when I was just starting to navigate conscientious buying. On that note, you’ll laugh at the fact that they’re by Steve Madden, but I did get them for 20% off through the use of a discount card I’d bought for $20 to benefit breast cancer survivors in Kansas City — so a part of the purchase price at least indirectly benefitted a cause. But the real reason they were a smart buy was their versatility and, as I can vouch for now, their quality.

The gray color goes with everything, the heel height is perfectly manageable and they fold up from ankle booties to mid-calf height!


I’ve had the heel tips replaced about three times, at about $8 a pop.


Last fall I had the front tip of the sole rebuilt (you can see the line between old and new) to make sure I didn’t wear the leather down on the tip of the shoe. (I think this cost about $20. In Kansas City, I went to Broadway Shoe Repair for all these repairs.)


And the benefits of good shoe polish! Remember my recent post on closet care tips? Like I wrote there, good leather gets better over time with the use of good polish, and I was able to find a dark gray Meltonian polish that matched these boots perfectly. The shoe on the right is polished, and the shoe on the left isn’t.


These are the main pair of boots I’ve worn all fall/winter the past three years (with skinny jeans tucked in tidily), and I’m sure I’ll get another few years out of them. I still get compliments when I wear them, and I saw last fall that Aldo had just made their own version of them.


All that, plus saving me the $100+ per year that I’d otherwise spend on new boots, from buying the right style and then taking the right care of them. Just thought the story of my favorite shoes might inspire you!


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