Friday, June 25th, 2010...3:20 pm

A Alicia’s handmade necklaces

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There’s something so soft and sweet about A Alicia‘s necklaces.

Designed and handmade in London by Anna Johnson, the pieces are constructed with only fair trade and organic fabrics and vintage and recycled materials.

A Alicia handmade necklace

These single-strand necklaces are $37 and the double-strand is $67, and they ship in recycled/biodegradable packaging. They look lovely with just a plain white tee!

Via EcoFabulous.


  • Those are really neat! And I love the fact that they are made with recycled materials!

  • Those are really nice! I especially like the second necklace, I love how it blends together. If I had not read the entire story, I would have never guessed it was made from recycled materials. Thank you for sharing this!

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