Friday, July 2nd, 2010...5:33 pm

New necklaces from Alyson Fox

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New additions to Alyson Fox’s A Small Collection!

Alyson Fox necklace

I got to see a handful of Alyson’s new necklace designs at her Spartan trunk show in May and am glad to see many of them available online now. They’re a steal at only $30 a piece. But the best part? That the colored beads are those melty beads that you’d make patterns from as a kid and your mom would iron! My childhood fridge was full of my and my brothers’ melty-bead magnet creations. And the gold beads in these necklaces are small washers, which add the perfect weight to the plastic beads.

Here’s mine in action, and you can see the two others as worn by Jenny.

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