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Summer in San Francisco

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Remember how I just moved to Austin in April? Well the adventure continues: I’m now living in San Francisco for the summer!

Crazy, I know. In a nutshell, Jon and I came here to follow a great opportunity for Storenvy. The opportunity ended up falling through for reasons beyond our control, but we decided to stay anyway, because who wouldn’t jump at the chance to live in San Francisco for a summer? We were only house-sitting in Austin (thanks Miranda!) and had no lease tying us down, so the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Moving around this much lately has made me think so much about how much “stuff” we own. Jon and I have a full household of belongings in a storage unit in Austin, and even though I got rid of a lot of stuff in the move there, I can’t wait to downsize even more when we go back. Here in SF I have only about a half of my closet, basic toiletries, basic kitchen supplies and the bare bones of furniture. (I even brought too many toiletries. When you’re condensing your essentials into a few suitcases and boxes, that’s crazy.) Let this be a lesson: Less really is more!

We just moved this week into an awesome old flat in the Mission on a two- to three-month lease. I seem to have new “how cool is this city?!” moments day in and day out — love it! A few snapshots from our stay so far…

Our new backyard has a lemon tree!

Message in a bottle: The “card” I bought for a dear friend’s wedding gift, from The Curiosity Shoppe on Valencia.

Me & Jon in Tiburon. (Oops, funny face.)

Our summer address.

“Whatever happened to pre-dict-a-bil-i-ty…” I can’t tell you how much I’ve been craving old episodes of Full House since we’ve been here. There must be something in the air.


  • Jealous! I love San Fran.

  • janette! post more pictures of SF when you get the chance because I miss you and I miss the bay area! I used to visit it every month or so… and lived on the berkeley campus for an entire xmas break… so I would love to see more pics of the place again. Sighs! so jealous you’re there and I’m here!

  • :gasp: You should come see some of your devoted readers then! (^_~)

    Speaking of which, if you haven’t heard, there’s a phenomenal Poetry Slam that goes on in the Mission every Thursday. A said devoted reader might be there next Thursday.

    Welcome to the SF Yay (a.ka. Bay). We love it here. And we’re glad t’hav’ya.

  • enjoy san francisco! my hubby and i moved to austin FROM san francisco a year ago! it’s a gorgeous place and what a fun, fun summer y’all will have! cheers!

  • So great to catch up! I know I’m a bit behind but I hope all is going well in San Fran. Tell me more about what took you out there? Are you looking forward to returning to TX or are you a Cali girl now? Say hi to Jesse for me!

  • Dear Janette and Jon: When you can, check out as many of the following stops down Kirk’s Memory Lane in “Old SF!” 1. The view from my parent’s quarters, 513-B Simonds Loop, on the Presidio where I met and dated Ruth tooling her around Baghdad-by-the-Day in Daddy’s Chrsyler Imperial Brougham. 2. The Presidio Officer’s Club [oldest building in SF] where we held our wedding reception. 3. The Fairmont on Nob Hill where we stayed that night. 4. Also, for 100% deluxe kitsch, check out the Fairmont’s Tonga Room, an endangered 1940’s landmark according to Preservation Magazine, complete with umbrella-draped Hurricane drinks and tropical downpours!!! 5. The view from the now-closed [sob!] Alta Mira Hotel off-the-beaten path atop Sausalito on Bulkley Ave. 6. For a true “time-warp” and stunning locale, lunch at The Pelican Inn, Muir Beach, an genuine 16th C. English West-Country Inn!! Ask them first when it’s foggy! 7. Sip on a Ramos Ginn Fizz [or 2] on the docks in Tiburon… Sam’s Café famous for brunch or anything else. 8. Pure touristy [but heck! aren’t we all tourists in this short life on earth?!] Google: “The Irish Coffee Story – The Buena Vista Cafe, San Francisco.” Get the history of this famous drink, then get there by cable car when you think the locals have temporarily taken over the place….
    9. Little Italy. 10. California Palace of the Legion of Honor [featured in Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” a visual time-machine homage to SF in the 50’s] 11. Haven’t been there since it was still an Army post… Cavallo Point right across the bridge in Marin County, now a masterpiece of re-purposing and saving old buildings. “Ditto” all over the Presidio! 12. Enjoy and capture the memories!!! XO- Kirkee

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