Monday, July 26th, 2010...11:27 pm

Summer sales

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Two very exciting sales happening through July 31:

All Osborn Design handmade shoes are 20% off with code SUMMER, and all reMade USA upcycled leather bags are 20% off with code SUMMERLOVE.

Almost sounds like they called each other. :)

reMade USA sale via Green Grechen.


  • Love the shoes. looks so comfy

  • Fashion loves People. But hates animals apparently. Not sure how its compassionate to give a working wage and then kill animals to do it. Don’t support leather goods.

  • Interestingly, most Osborn Designs products are vegan, and reMade USA bags are made with repurposed vintage leather. So no worries there.

    But since you brought it up, in my own experience, leather goods last longer than their alternatives. Which is in line with my value of buying smarter so that we can consume less. It’s all about education.

    And you’re right, my personal passion is in caring for people. Care for animals is important, but it’s secondary. A brand, organization or world that concerns itself more with the wellbeing of animals than of humans is not one I want to support, in my purchases or on this blog. Thanks.

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