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Join me in standing up for Bangladeshi garment workers

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“It is shameful that we allow the people who make our clothes to live in extreme poverty.”

My friend Mary at Social Alterations (in the pic above) is running a really inspired campaign right now that I am excited to help support.

The background: As you’ve probably heard, Bangladeshi garment workers have been on strike because their wages are below the global standard for a living wage — the UN defines extreme poverty as individuals living on less than a dollar a day, and current minimum wages in Bangladesh are below that — and they’re making news now as local police are becoming violent against the protesting workers.

Social Alterations is now collecting images like the one above from people like you and me to use as a petition:

“The photos will be packaged into a slide show with a powerful message which, along with a letter of solidarity, will be e-mailed to targeted organizations such as the International Labour Organization (ILO) office in Dhaka, Bangladesh; the ILO’s ‘Decent Work for All’ Campaign; the Delegation of the European Commission to Bangladesh, and the Bangladeshi Ministry of Labour and Employment.” Plus others, as their research continues.

To join in, take your own photo and post it to Flickr tagged with #SABangladeshProject, or post it to Social Alterations’s Facebook wall. See them all in this Flickr set.

Nadira at Social Alterations published an in-depth overview today of the situation in Bangladesh, which you should definitely check out if you’re interested: Bangladesh// The Details.

Thank you, Social Alterations, for providing a platform for us to share our voices!

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