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5 things I love about San Francisco’s “green” culture

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Lovely to see my new friends Jennine, founder of The Coveted and IFB, and Joslin, owner of EcoCitizen, featured in FASHIONmeGREEN’s San Francisco Project! In the video, Jennine mentions the influence that style bloggers can have in sharing great eco fashion with their audiences, and local designers (The PodollsFeral ChildeKayu and Juleselin) weigh in on the benefits of eco fashion.

This video has made me reflect on the overall “green culture” in San Francisco — it’s more obvious and ingrained than any place I’ve ever been. Here are five things I love about it, as illustrated (loosely) by Jennine’s photoshoot styled by EcoCitizen.

1. Curbside Composting

The fact that there is curbside composting makes makes the separation of compostables + recyclables + garbage a given, whether at home or at a coffee shop or restaurant. It makes our weekly throw-aways next to nothing.

2. Conservationism

I love the signs throughout the city’s bathrooms that sweetly remind you, ”paper towels come from trees, so please use only what you need.”

3. No Styro

Many (if not most) coffee shops and restaurants use plant-based plastics for their to-go cups, and I don’t think I’ve seen a single piece of styrofoam in the city.

4. No Car Needed

Plus of course it is so easy to live here without a car, with fabulous public transit, walkability and bikeability.

5. Living Simply

And, as perhaps my most pleasant surprise, I love the perspective it has given me on living simply. In the Midwest we seem to focus so much on having things, which seems to be because we can. Here, people live apartment-to-apartment and don’t have basements and garages to fill to the gills.

People keep what is sentimental and beautiful and necessary, and if it’s not one of the above — why buy it in the first place?

Click here for product info. Each of the above pieces available at EcoCitizen.

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