Friday, December 3rd, 2010...4:21 pm

Gift it: The Foodzie Tasting Box

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Scenario: Once a month, a beautiful box filled with tasting-sized portions of foodie-approved edibles arrives on your doorstep. That’s the idea behind the amazing Foodzie Tasting Box, which you can give as a gift for three months ($55), six months ($100) or a full year ($200). Jon and I got the November box, shown above, and it was fantastic! We’ve gotten to know the founders of Foodzie here in SF, Rob and Emily, who are just as amazing as their site. (Did you know that true white mozzarella comes only from water buffalo’s milk? We didn’t, either, until it came up over cocktails with these two.) An amazing holiday gift for parent-types on your list, foodie-inclined or not. (Also, it’s Oprah-endorsed!)

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  • Thanks for posting. yum.
    I just ordered a 3 month subscription of this.
    Totally into this kind of sampler thing.
    Have you heard of the beauty product one – Birchbox?
    I just signed up for that recently, as well.

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