Thursday, January 6th, 2011...2:03 am

Eco-Fashion Predictions for 2011

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Happy 2011! (Only six days late!)

Right before 2010 ended I got an email from Jasmin at Ecouterre asking me to contribute my predictions for 2011 in the eco fashion industry. You can read my response here. It was great to add my two cents in the company of John Patrick Organic, Sheena at The Uniform ProjectSummer Rayne Oakes, Eviana Hartman at Bodkin, Brad at Commerce With a Conscience and more.

I think this was my first stab at a full-on prediction of this sort, and although at first I was afraid of getting something “wrong,” I think it turned out great! Some of the 28 contributors’ responses challenged each other a bit, but only in a positive way. When you have a few extra minutes, be sure to read them all.


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