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Variations on a uniform

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Vintage Western shirt from SF’s Mission Buffalo Exchange; whistle necklace by Nous Savons, purchased at Renegade Austin; jeans by AG, purchased at Austin’s By George; boots by Steve Madden, purchased with a special that benefitted breast cancer survivors.

L: Jacket by Beulah, from Standard; vintage shirt from Wild Man Vintage; horseshoe necklace by Early Jewelry; beaded necklace by Alyson Fox, from Austin’s bows + arrows; clutch by Hobo, a gift from my in-laws; jeans by James, from Hemline; boots by Steve Madden. R: Tee by yours truly!; necklace by Noble Town Vintage, from Blonde Grizzly via Storenvy; leggings by American Apparel; sandals from Buffalo Exchange.

Hat purchased at OKC’s Collected Thread as a gift from Christiane; horseshoe necklace by Early Jewelry; vintage Western shirt purchased at KC’s Broadway Antiques via Wild Man Vintage; jeans by Blank, purchased at Hemline; boots by Minnetonka.

Necklaces by Early Jewelry; vintage dress from Lawrence’s ATC; boots from SF’s Haight Buffalo Exchange, by Frye.

L: Vintage button-down from Afterlife; shorts from a clothing exchange, by Limited; boots by Minnetonka. R: Faux leather jacket by Beulah, from KC’s Standard; scarf a gift from my mom; organic v-neck tee courtesy of Spun; whistle necklace by Nous Savons; jeans by James Jeans, from KC’s Hemline; fringe sandals from Buffalo Exchange, by Express.

Horseshoe necklace by Early Jewelry; suede scrap necklace by Manimal; vintage button-down was my mom’s, by Wrangler; jeans by AG; boots from Buffalo Exchange.


If I were to start sharing my outfits here, this is about what they’d look like. What do you think?

(I must admit, I feel so gratuitous. But, I’d like to share more of my own closet with you — to show you how I buy conscientiously myself, but also so we can be better friends!)

I’m definitely a “uniform” girl. I like to get a lot of mileage out of the things I buy, and I try not to buy a lot. My dollar vote supports a lot of vintage, plus independent boutiques all over, and as many indie designers as I can afford. (Which is to say, not as many as I’d prefer — but jewelry makes a good start!) I don’t splurge a lot, but when I do it’s on things I’ll wear constantly, like denim. I do write about things like Clare Vivier’s $320 La Tropiezienne tote, but no, I’m not in that tax bracket!

Speaking of becoming better friends, I need to stay in touch better. I haven’t been writing here much this month — Jon and I have officially planted roots in SF by moving into a new place (hooray!), and he and I have been working toward a big Storenvy announcement that I’ll be sharing soon. But I’ve been thinking a lot about Fashion Loves People and how I can make it as useful as possible. I’ll be asking you more about that in a post soon!

In the meantime, I’m in Salt Lake City right now for Alt Summit, a design blogger conference filled with most, if not all, of my favorite online curators. Then Saturday I head to Park City for a day of Sundance — hooray for this trip! (But especially, hooray for having a Storenvy conference budget!)



  • Hi. I’m all for outfit posts.
    In love with the red dress above.
    Let me know if you’d be interested in a trade!

  • What excellent style you have, Janette. I am inspired- especially by those vintage western shirts and the boots.

  • Love the pictures. I appreciate it when fashion bloggers show various ways they pair certain fashion elements. Oh, and hooray for Sundance! How exciting!

  • i love your outfits…LOVE. keep sharing!

    so great to see you last week!

  • J, your hair looks great! lovely and light and long.

    and I still love, and have always loved, that red-ish dress. <3

  • so cute!!!
    love the dress, too

  • Those jeans are super adorable! But I must admit, I’m even more jealous of you getting to go to Sundance! :)

  • Janette! I’m so glad we got to meet last Sunday. I’m just now back home and getting to go through all my notes and look you up and I’m so glad you have a blog! I love all these outfits and your “uniform.” It’s perfect. I’m totally in love with that Wrangler shirt from your mom. You should wear it every day! ha ha! I would.
    Anyway, I do hope you post more pics of you on here. You’ve got such a great look! Going through your archives now…

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