Thursday, January 27th, 2011...3:01 pm

An e-commerce democracy

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Storenvy “has slowly built up a mini empire of both buyers and sellers in their ecosystem. Over 60,000 community shoppers now visit their 2,800 community-run stores to browse and buy. And the stores are really the key. Storenvy gives anyone the tools to create and open their own online store to sell whatever they make. And they can then easily promote everything on networks like Twitter and Facebook, or on Storenvy’s own main marketplace.

And Storenvy gives the community all of this for free. Why? CEO Jon Crawford envisions an online world where Storenvy does for e-commerce what Tumblr has done for blogging. That is, make it more accessible and social.”

It’s a big day for me and Jon at Storenvy — we just announced our first round of funding, via TechCrunch. We can’t wait to use these funds to hire an amazing team and continue building our vision. Thanks for all your kind words so far on Twitter, and um… if you or anyone you know needs a free online store, be sure to check out Storenvy!

Jewelry images from new Storenvy store Rejoice the Hands. Beautiful stuff.

And in other news — we made TechCrunch twice in one day! Kinda. Check out this post on Instagram hashtags, and the #winowagon image. That’s my close-up on the left, and several of my pics — hilarious! (Just had to share!)

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