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Now appearing in Standard Magazine

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Remember Standard Magazine, which launched in September? It’s an online-only shelter mag that features exclusively eco-friendly goods, but it doesn’t mention eco qualities because they shouldn’t be out-of-the-ordinary — they should be standard. (Just in case you needed a refresher!)

Kelly asked me to contribute to the current issue by curating the “On the Boards” department and doing a Q&A. Take a look! Here’s my favorite “A,” which typifies this blog:

Standard: So how can people be more ethical in their buying, for fashion and beyond?

Janette: First and foremost, you know the things in your closet that you love and find yourself wearing constantly? I try to make those are the only items I buy. This means shopping for pieces that are versatile, high-quality and, most importantly, that I really love from the get-go.

Buy those items from independent businesses and designers, or vintage. Have them repaired when they need it. Do a bit of research on the values behind the brands you love, and make sure they align with your own. The same goes for purchases as big as furniture, or as small as groceries.

When you have the issue open, take a look at the Ace Hotel feature on page 18 as well. Gorgeous!

Thank you, Kelly and Lily!

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