Friday, February 4th, 2011...2:24 pm

Timberland’s Lucille Series

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During Alt last month I met a fantastic girl named Katie Richardson, who runs a small, smart industrial design company for baby products called Puj. (If you have, or buy gifts for, kids, check out this tub and these ambidextrous shoes!) She was wearing a fantastic pair of boots that I’ve been stalking online ever since: Timberland’s Lucille tall tan lace-up. At $300 they are spendy — but I think they might be worth it.

The good: The Timberland brand has completely impressed me over the past few years with its socially conscientious efforts, like its Nutritional Label on shoe boxes showing environmental impact (introduced back in 2006!) and its ongoing, ever-better corporate responsibility reporting.

The iffy: I remember them looking perfect on Katie. But after looking at these photos online, I’m not sure about the curviness of the heel and the ball of the foot. They might look more natural in person — I’d have to see it on.

The light-colored canvas and leather option above is on sale now at 6pm, marked down from $240 to an amazing $96. The more I mull, the more these are standing out to me, even without considering the sale price. They’re a color of shoe I don’t own yet — and will go with everything — and they look perfect for lots of walking around the city.

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