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Your new favorite scarf: Both ethically made and fashionABLE!

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By my estimation, fashionABLE is as much a company about redemption as it is about scarves. The African-based scarf brand employs and empowers women who previously worked as prostitutes, and it takes every opportunity to tell each woman’s story.

My Bezuayhu scarf (top) is a nice sublte design and the perfect weight. (Especially for spring!) It’s named after the woman who produced it, just like all the scarves on the site.

Bezuayhu’s story is of being raised as an orphan and needing to work rather than attend school, which led into a life of prostitution. ”Now, it feels so good to get up in the morning and say I am going to work. It feels so good to have a scarf named after me. I’m so proud to be called a scarf maker,” she says. This is so endearing! It makes me so excited about what fashionABLE is accomplishing, and they way they communicate it is perfect.

The scarves range from $28–$38 each, which is awesomely affordable, particularly for what the brand enables.

fashionABLE is a venture of the Mocha Club, an online movement that invites people to give up $7 per month — or the price of two mochas — to support the cause of your choice in Africa along with a group of friends. A great way to get involved in a cause and invite others to join!

Here’s a snapshot of how my scarf was delivered — in a perfectly branded package with detailed information on the benefits of the brand. Perfect gift-giving material! So much so that many styles sold out before Christmastime, and not only are all in stock now, but the brand has introduced several new styles since then. Spread the word to help them keep expanding and helping more women.


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