Thursday, May 5th, 2011...8:48 am

Upcycled leather bags by EKOLOVESANIMAL

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Two Italians living in Berlin, Majla and Nicola, run the brand EKOLOVESANIMAL, a line of upcycled leather bags with loads of style.

“EKOLOVESANIMAL was born as a project related to our desire to create something that united our needs for style, practicality and respect for animals and nature,” they told me.

Their bags are made from vintage leather or leatherette from flea market clothing and junkyard seat belts. “And it is an endless search! Why kill animals when there’s a lot of leather around?”

Each bag is unique, inspired by its original clothing form, and is easy to put on and comfortable to wear. And it’s important to each of the designers that they be practical for carrying on a bike!

Prices range from $106–$137 USD.


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