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What will TOMS’ next one-for-one product be? Guess!

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As TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie announced this spring, beginning June 7, TOMS will no longer be a “shoe company,” but a “one-for-one company.” In exactly one month the brand will introduce a new product that will have the same buy one, give one model as the eponymous shoes.

The only question is… what will it be?! Right now even the TOMS staff doesn’t know. So I’m starting a guessing game, right here, and I’ll buy the new product for who ever makes the closest guess!

Leave a comment here with your best speculation — leave as many guesses as you like, any time between now and the announcement. For who ever is right (or most right), I’ll have the newest TOMS product shipped your way.

A few hints…

  • The original issue that Blake recognized and aimed to solve was that children without shoes weren’t allowed to go to school. I believe the new product will also be one that serves a specific need and is useful to both the purchaser and the receiver of the donation, just like the shoes are. (I could be wrong about this — but for a product marketed in the U.S., it seems critical.)
  • Blake told the LA Times, “I do believe it can be sold in 50 percent of our stores, and that it will open up new doors, and new places. Our first big retail account was actually a furniture store.” He says that retailers have agreed to purchase it sight unseen, but if they don’t think it’s a fit for their store, they can send it back. Interesting that half of existing retailers might not be so keen on it.
  • The new products are currently stowed in 7-foot-tall cylinders that Blake has been taking with him around the country as a teaser. So they’re not that huge, or heavy.

Can’t wait to hear what you come up with!


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