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TOMS new one-for-one is… eyewear!

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You buy a pair of sunglasses, they give a pair of eyeglasses to someone in need. Just like Warby Parker did with their launch a little over a year ago, TOMS founder Black Mycoskie identified an opportunity to change people’s lives with the gift of sight. But unlike Warby Parker, TOMS will sell sunglasses rather than prescription eyeglasses to its buyers. TOMS even has a virtual try-on feature for their shades, borrowing the same term Warby uses for their online sampling.

Just like the shoes are clearly branded, the sunglasses have obvious TOMS stripes over the ears. Available now are two unisex styles — a wayfarer and an aviator — and an additional women’s-only style. Think RayBan-esque pricing, too — $135–$145 a pop.

Meaning that the winner of my giveaway contest is… Sara! (Yay, I love Sara!)

I wonder if they will pull a warby parker and do glasses. but that would just be straight-up copying…

How right you were, my dear! Let me know which style you’d like!


  • Warby Parker has sunglasses now too! the whole collection will be launching in the next couple of weeks, with non-prescription sunglasses first and prescription lenses available later this summer, but you can see a preview here: http://www.warbyparker.com/Sun-Collection

    we’re super excited that the pricepoint will be the same ($95), as well as the one-for-one model.

  • I mean…copying…is cool!!!


    I will do some online trying-on and let you know my preferred style! :D

  • This is an interesting announcement. However they are not the first to do this. I found out about these guys: 4sight sunglasses.com months ago. As far as I can tell 4sight offers a superior product…

    TOMS vs. 4sight Sunglasses
    Price: $135-145 vs. $89
    Quality: Plastic vs. Handmade Acetate
    Shipping: “Shipping costs vary with every order” vs. 100% free
    Returns: You pay for return shipping vs. Free returns

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