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Six favorite blogs

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Over the past few months I’ve been working longer hours than ever, so I’ve been experimenting with how to be most productive — and one thing I’ve changed is to stop reading my many RSS feeds. But I miss them! So I’m starting over this weekend with a well-edited list of the ones I miss most. In no particular order…

Lena Corwin’s ~>O<~

Lena’s aesthetic (and even her approach to blogging) are so down-to-earth and lovely. As I’ve been buying things to decorate our apartment, I even find myself thinking, “would this fit Lena’s aesthetic?” She also had a baby last year and writes a beautiful blog about textiles for babies that I love as well, Wee Textile.


The quintessential green fashion blog, of course! Jasmin, Yuka, Jill and team do a killer job of staying on top of need-to-know eco fashion news. Inhabitat and Ecouterre are both examples of news blogs done right.

The Jealous Curator

I met Danielle Krysa last January at Alt Design Summit and am now so glad to call her my friend. Her curatorial skills are second to none — that’s what we tune into the blog for. But in addition, she’s a former award-winning agency art director who took some time off from her career to have a baby boy, and during that break, she launched her blog to spur an all-new career: a gallery curator, which she officially became this past spring with her first show. She originally wrote her blog anonymously, but a handful of us at Alt helped encourage her to out herself and share her work with the world, and isn’t it fabulous? On a personal note recently, she’s given me such a welcome perspective on balancing a devotion to your work with a devotion to your child. Great stuff all around.

Design for Mankind

Whereas The Jealous Curator covers art that makes her think, “Damn, I wish I’d thought of that,” the career that Erin Loechner has shaped for herself sometimes makes me think, “Damn, I wish I were that”! On Design for Mankind she curates excellent design, art and fashion, but my favorite posts are her Design for MYkind, where she posts personal outfits, musings and all the sweetness that she really truly is as a person.

The Sartorialist

Need I say more? Scott Schman’s eye amazes me. Still the best people, places and style in street style.

Closet Visit

Jeana Sohn in LA knows some of the most beautiful and stylish women I’ve ever seen — or if she doesn’t, she certainly makes it look that way, which of course is an art all its own. She photographs women in their homes, wearing different beautiful outfits in different beautiful rooms, typically including their closets. These homes often end up on my Pinterest account. Note: Closet Visit isn’t actually a blog and doesn’t have a traditional RSS feed, so I subscribe to Jeana’s personal blog for bits of her style and preview images each time she posts a new Visit.

And a handful of honorable mentions, because I just can’t help it:

  • Refinery29‘s daily emails — for  general finger-on-the-pulse fashion tidbits, and especially for My Style galleries of the homes of indie women in fashion. (More popular fodder for Pinterest.)
  • Well Spent (formerly Commerce With A Conscience) — The only men’s fashion blog I read (and regularly contribute to as well).
  • Simple Lovely — Joslyn Taylor in Dallas has a beautiful home, two beautiful daughters who she’s dearly in love with and simple, lovely style in just about every area.
  • sfgirlbybay — More Pinterest interiors fodder. Total eye candy.
  • Arrow & Arrow — Brought to you by the Austin-based owners of Spartan and Bows + Arrows. Great random bits, and a good dose of love for Texas.
  • — San Francisco street style from Mai Le, who personifies San Francisco style both personally and through her lens.

What are your favorites — blogs you can’t miss without feeling like you’re missing out on something special?

(I mean, even well-edited lists could always use some fresh inspiration, right?… :)


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