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What a trip!

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Jon and I had never been to Europe
The baby comes in October
Vacation time!

From August 10-26, we visited London, Dublin, Paris and Florence. It was the trip of a lifetime! (Though hopefully we’ll have many more!)

One of my favorite parts was the fact that we’re 28 and 30 years old and were still able to experience so many firsts and have so much wonderment about it. From flying first class for the first time (they gave us pajamas!) to soaking in the history and beauty of each city we visited, this trip was so worth the wait — I was probably able to appreciate it now more than I ever would have before. And who knew, but being pregnant can get you some extra-special benefits, like getting ushered to the front of the mile-long line to the Eiffel Tower! Oui oui.

And now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, and even though Storenvy stuff is busier than ever, more great brand features coming soon here on FLP! xo

From top to bottom, loosely: In London — afternoon tea and “hire bikes” in Hyde Park over sunset. In Dublin — bangers and mash and a 360 view of the beautiful countryside south of the city. In Paris — beautiful not-overly-manicured landscaping all over the city, the bathrooms at Colette (my first bidet!!), la Tour Eiffel herself, a vintage pair of designer frames that I didn’t buy… but wish I had, my favorite cherub at the Louvre and a beautiful produce stand. In Tuscany, on the far left and far right — Pisa Tower and a beautiful hidden courtyard in Florence.


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