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Anatomy of a suede scrap necklace

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This is the third in a series of handmade necklace DIYs and inspiration I’ll be posting for FLP’s Great Necklace Exchange. Today’s the last day to sign up!

Manimal founder and designer Kristen Lombardi started her brand with handmade moccasins, but what I love most about her line now is her suede accessories, made of scrap leather left over from the mocs. If there is a creative way to string suede cut-outs onto a string, she’s used it, and she keeps releasing amazing new variations each season (like this and this). Her designs are awesomely eclectic — and totally inspirational for a DIY necklace that doesn’t require much handicraft, just a lot of creativity.

If you’ve read this blog for long you’ve seen this Manimal necklace of mine before. I love that it’s made of an unexpected material, and that it has an obvious handmade look without being “crafty.” Here are a few close-ups for inspiration!

The hardest part of recreating this necklace would have to be punching holes in each scrap. Instead, I’d try making holes with a heavy-duty needle and then experimenting with what cord works best accordingly. (This variation apparently used string rather than cord, to incorporate seed beads between the scraps.)

If you make a necklace inspired by Kristen’s designs, be sure to say “thank you” by grabbing something awesome from the Manimal store!

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