Tuesday, April 17th, 2012...11:25 am

Threadflip: The newest, sexiest way to shop each other’s closets

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Consignment and clothing swap apps have been getting so good lately!

Threadflip just launched today, and it’s the best-looking web app I’ve seen yet for shopping people’s closets. (Poshmark still wins for mobile!) It makes it easy to buy and sell clothes and accessories you’re not using anymore.

A few highlights…

  • End-to-end shipping solution: As soon as your item sells, you receive a prepaid shipping care package, including an addressed pre-paid shipping label and wrapping materials.
  • White-glove service: If needed, send your stuff in and they’ll photograph, price and merchandise for you.
  • Every time you use the site, it understands more about who you are and what you like so your experience becomes more curated.
I’m a sucker for their branding and marketing — do you recognize the Hallmark typeface? And my friend Laura from On the Racks, who modeled the last round of FLP tees!
I plan to post some pieces from the back of my closet soon. Let me know if you join too!


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