Tuesday, October 9th, 2012...6:00 am

The Summer Uniform

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Some friends of ours bought an incredible house in Sonoma earlier this summer, and we’ve made it out of the city to visit a few times. The last time, I dressed me and Viv in matching chambray!!

I’m wearing Thread & Crescent’s Summer Uniform, an absolutely beautiful two-piece dress. (I’m not the midriff-bearing type, but it actually doesn’t matter in this.) It’s perfectly classic, like it’s straight out of the Forties, and I hope I can wear it forever.

Now, the Summer Uniform is on sale now for $75! Much, much less than the $160 I paid for it. It’s in both chambray and an airy white. The size medium is perfect for me.

Tell the lovely Mitzi at Thread & Crescent I sent you.


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