Friday, February 8th, 2013...7:00 am

Friday Favorites

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  • Earlier this week, there was a great conversation on Design Mom about ethics. So many good and honest thoughts there. I’ve written this blog about ethical fashion since 2007, so I always love to hear perspectives from people “outside” this world. One striking thing about those 45 comments is that most everyone who wants to buy conscientiously wants to do so because of the impact their purchases make on people. I love this so much. Especially back in 2007, I often found more focus on the environment than on people in circles like mine. So, my friends, I can attest to us experiencing a cultural shift! We care more than ever about provenance, heritage and ethics. Bravo.
  • I got stitches last Sunday. Viv broke a ceramic dish, and then one of the pieces fell on my hand, broken-side-down. That was not my favorite. But what was? Jon knowing me and knowing how to take care of me in that situation — that all I wanted was to be distracted from what had just happened. It feels good to be known.
  • I also worked this week on a wonderful “secret project” — I wrote a 500-word vignette about my perspective on getting pregnant with Viv as a surprise, and how that experience has ended up changing my life and my career in amazing ways that I’d never imagined. But it won’t be published for a few months! So for now, we’ll be patient.

Artwork by Jessie Breakwell via Fenton&Fenton, the ethically sourced retailer who inspired Gabby’s Design Mom post on Wednesday. 

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