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  • A Cup of Jo: “Researchers from the Netherlands discovered that the largest boost in happiness from a vacation doesn’t come during or after the vacation, but instead from the simple act of planning a vacation. According to the 2010 study, ‘vacation anticipation’ generally boosts happiness for eight weeks, whereas after the vacation ‘there is hardly an effect.’” So the journey really is the destination! Image of Jackie O. and her sister via Simple Lovely

  • The verdict on soy — which I’ve been avoiding for the past year or so. “Soy is the leggings-as-pants of the food world — people either love it or they hate it.” (Hilarious!) Refinery29′s experts agree that fresh soy (both edamame and fresh tofu) and fermented soy (miso, tempeh, soy sauce and tamari) are fine to eat in moderation. What’s not so great is processed soy, which is used as filler in loads of grocery items, and which is often genetically modified. Read more.
  • Helen Hunt’s gown at the Oscars was from H&M’s Conscious collection. I missed the red carpet, though it sounds like she made a nice soapbox of it for sustainable clothes. *This is where I’m not commenting on whether fast fashion can be sustainable.* Image from Fashion Insider



  • I’m not sure what to think either about the sustainable collections that fast fashion retailers like H&M sell. A step in the right direction, but kind of an oxymoron. I also wish the dress had been a more interesting design…

  • Very interesting, I will have to do some more research on the processed soy products. It seems it might be very hard to cut out of your diet. How hard has it been for you?

    Never Miss A Sale!!

  • MelD: Yes, do your own research! After reading this piece, I understand the good and bad sides of soy much better. I actually haven’t had trouble avoiding it as a filler. I recall that Michael Pollan wrote that the boxed foods in the center of the grocery store are most apt to have GMO fillers in them (mainly corn & soy). So for prepared foods, I read the labels. I do my best to buy Whole Foods-approved brands. I think of them as “food with integrity.”

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