Tuesday, March 19th, 2013...6:03 pm

Sunny days in the Bay

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Kirby Cove, where have you been all my life? On Saturday some friends and I discovered our new favorite sunny day spot, just a quick drive across the Golden Gate Bridge followed by an easy one-mile hike. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever been to. Incredible views, protection from the wind, lapping waves and, best of all, hardly anyone else. So please don’t tell anyone else how to get to Kirby Cove.

Thanks to Raven + Lily for the matching scarves for me and Viv! Raven + Lily’s mission is to empower women through design. The for-benefit company’s Ethiopia Scarf Collection features scarves handmade by at-risk women living in Addis Ababa. The lightweight scarves (Zuriash Colored Square Scarf and Zuriash Color Stripe Scarf) are naturally dyed and hand-woven. R+L’s partnership with this weaving group enables the artisans to thrive by providing sustainable employment opportunities and support for their families. 

Such beautiful photos by the multi-talented Emily Olson. Thank you! 


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