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On supply and demand (and the dollar vote)

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Need Supply Co women's fashion 2013

In doing my best to make ethical purchasing choices on day-to-day things, the most important thing I consider is supply and demand.

Without demand, there would be no supply.

So I create demand for things like… Independently owned businesses. Local, organic produce. Quality craftsmanship. Non-GMO grocery items. Natural diapers. Beautiful design. Art. Ethical production. Vintage. Etc.

Two things I consistently avoid creating demand for are fast fashion and excess waste (packaging, driving, water, etc.). But in writing this, I realize that I’ve bought some baby clothes recently from brands I don’t know anything about. (I feel better about Gap and Old Navy baby items, as Gap Inc. has been building a reputation for fair labor rights.)

And I try not to create demand where I don’t NEED to.

Of course, I could always do more. Especially with a baby, it’s so easy to justify short cuts.

What do you go out of your way to create demand for? Or to avoid?

Who gets your dollar vote?

Image from Need Supply Co. 

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  • I have been thinking about this a lot lately, and as a result not shopping as much. :) It’s much harder to search out purchases that I believe in than just buying the cheap thing that is easy. But, I have been buying healthier foods, and more quality items! Good to know that Gap is treating their workers fairly. It’s so hard to know sometimes! And with a baby, eek!

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