Friday, March 29th, 2013...12:06 pm

Easter with friends

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Fifteen pounds of uncured ham. (Note to self: Chargrilled ham is unbelievably delicious, but a raw ham is not for the faint of heart.) Eight friends, two visiting from Ireland. Two dogs. One baby. Lots of chopping, dicing, scooping, steaming, pouring, peeling, flaming, taste-testing, cheersing, sipping, chatting, playing and love. Lots of love. Easter with friends is the best.

Janette, Jon, Emily, Rob, Eoghan, Carly, Edwina, Niamh, Viv, Stella and Bentley, Easter 2012, San Francisco.


We had such a good Easter last year! Great friends, great food. And a flaming ham.

If you don’t have any special plans for this Sunday, invite some friends over and make it special! So worth it.

Happy Easter!


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